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BPW Australia National Conference 2021
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The BPW Australia National Conference is only months away, and preparations are well in hand.  We are looking for estimate numbers attending.

Please complete form to let the team know of your interest in attending the conference, obviously depending on the borders being open.

Strategies will be in place if any borders are closed.


Beautiful Adelaide is hosting the BPWA National Conference
Powerful speakers to keep you well informed
Warm welcome to to our BPW sisters in Australia and New Zealand
Advocacy, Memberships & Projects: information from clubs around Australia

National Connections – making a difference in the lives of Australian women
Adventurous by taking in the scenic sights of Adelaide's shores
Thriving through COVID-19 by staying connected
Inspiring and invigorating your mind, body and soul
Opening the way to allow women’s voices to be heard, locally, nationally and internationally
Nurturing friendships and meeting new members
Abundances of information to share with other club members
Leverage your ideas to inspire others

Connecting with other like-minded women
Outstanding commitment from clubs with updates
Networking by promoting your business and become a sponsor
Future learnings from our speakers and other clubs
Experience and educate to promote women in the workplace
Relaxing and taking a walk along the beach front
Empowering others to make a difference in your region
Natural dance moves at our gala awards night
Commitment to making changes in your club
Evaluate what you have learnt and put into action

Gail Hudson

National Conference:  Great chance to learn from and experience our Executive Board Members, and the inner workings of BPW Australia. Witnessing how the resolutions are processed and voted on is a big eye opener and just shows how much influence BPW has on our political leaders. Have been before and looking forward to going again this year.

Astrid Kuenne

BPW Conference is a fantastic way to meet other members and hear what all the clubs are doing around Australia. You will definately be inspired and go away with something new to tell your members when you get back home. A great experience to learn what goes on behind the scene.

Tori from BPW Melbourne has not been to Conference but looking forward to attending.